My favourite podcasts for entrepreneurs and startup investors

My favourite podcasts for entrepreneurs and startup investors

There are hundreds of interesting podcasts for entrepreneurs and startups, here is my list of favorites that stuck over time. Usually, I listen in the car, while commuting or when just too tired to read. These podcasts are the perfect way to get inspired and learn from others.

Please share your favorites in the comments.

The Jay Kim Show by Jay Kim. Our own Hong Kong based podcast for entrepreneurs. Jay Kim interviews Asian entrepreneurs and authours.

Mixergy by Andrew Warner. Andrew’s interviews are amazing, he really digs deep to get out practical information from his entrepreneur guests, how they do it not just what they do, a lot of work and preparation goes into these podcasts. Unfortunately, subset of s are available for public, most of them require paid subscription of 399USD per year still listen to what you can. Added 5/12/2016

Itunes link

Best of Tech & Startups. A curated list of various podcasts, great for discovering new podcasts. Added 5/12/2016

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The Twenty Minutes VC by Harry Stebbings. Harry interviews venture capitalists and founders. Great way to get inside view of VC industry, investing and building successful businesses. The podcasts are short and to the point. Founders Friday series is my favorite.

Traction by Jay Acunzo where he shares stories of creative, unusual, and clever ways that entrepreneurs use to find early results. Some great stuff for entrepreneurs grinding away on their startups.

Startups for the Rest of Us by Mike Taber and Rob Walling. Mike and Rob provide hands-on personal experience covering all aspects of startup product and business development. They take pragmatic and down to earth refreshing approach, highly recommended for bootstrapping entrepreneurs. There are hundreds of episodes, I am yet to get through all of them.

SaaStr podcast with Harry Stebbings. Great for SAAS and any other entrepreneurs, who are looking to scale their businesses. Covers topics such as team building, hiring, scaling, pricing, sales mostly in the area of SAAS.

How I Build This by NPR, my latest favorite. Hear amazing inspirational stories behind some of the most successful startups. My favorite episodes are with the founders of Airbnb and Vice. The quality of NPR podcasts is top notch, amazing story telling.

Startup School Radio by Y Combinator. Interviews with founders of YC companies, great inspirational and educational stories. Highly recommend you listen to every single one. Unfortunately, they stopped publishing more episodes earlier this year.

Seth Godin’s Startup School by my all favorite guru entrepreneur. This is a live recording of series of lectures from 2012. Covers all core subjects of business building. All new entrepreneurs should listen to this.

How to Start and Startup by Y Combinator – Recordings from YC’s Startup School, as expected full of useful information for all entrepreneurs out there.

There is also video version:

A16Z Podcast from Andreessen Horowitz. Mix bag of big picture tech trends intermixed with more practical advice, highly recommend episodes on marketplaces and pricing.

If you have salespeople, must listen to this episode twice:

Love Your Work by David Kadavy my second personal guru, the author of “Design for Hackers”. In this podcast David covers a wide range of topics ranging from personal development, productivity, entrepreneurship, psychology or just pursuing your passion on your own terms.

How I listen to podcasts?

For listening on the iPhone I use IOS Podcast app or Overcast, around home Amazon Alexa is great too, using the TuneIn Radio skill. Recently bought new Apple wireless Beats3 headphones, wireless listening and seamless operation with IPhone are a revelation, very liberating.

I am still looking for perfect IOS app for podcasts, there are a lot of them out there but for some reason or other they always lack something, maybe it is time to build my own, let us know if have recommendations for your favorite podcasts apps.

Happy listening, Rafal

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